Calverton Aviation & Technology LLC (“CAT”)


From 1969 to 1991, Grumman assembled a total of 712 F-14 Tomcats in Calverton.  The F-14 Tomcat, one of the greatest fighter jets the world has ever seen, was deployed to protect our democracy and freedom.  The acronym CAT pays homage to this proud heritage. 

The two partners in CAT are Luminati Aerospace and Triple Five Group.  Luminati’s business plan is to be a major force in the aerospace industry, focusing on its unique abilities in ultra-thin ply composites.  Triple Five has successfully financed, constructed, developed, and managed some of the largest real estate projects in the world.  CAT will combine the unique strengths of its two partners to reestablish Calverton’s and Long Island’s prominent position in aviation after a hiatus of more than 25 years.

CAT has committed to initially build out at least 1,000,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space, but it expects to build out much more.  The primary emphasis of the development will be on aviation, technology, and permitted supportive uses.  No residential development will take place.

The two runways at Calverton are incredibly valuable assets, and any development plan that does not fully exploit the runways is squandering this value.  CAT’s development plan will take full advantage of the two runways, and includes spending at least $1 million to improve both runways with a lighting system, enhanced security, reactivation of the GPS approach system, and general maintenance. 

CAT will create a synergistic ecosystem of public, private, community, and educational institutions to assure the growth and sustainability of high technology research, development, and manufacturing in aviation and related industries.  Prospective members of this ecosystem include Luminati, metal companies, machining companies, composite companies, metal forming companies, assemblers and systems integrator companies, engineering companies, defense companies, aircraft servicing companies, businesses that can benefit from use of the runways, technology businesses that will have a synergistic relationship with the other companies located at or near the property, public institutions such as the Federal Aviation Authority, a visitor center and aviation design museum, and education partners who can implement hi-tech, on-site training for current and prospective employees.

CAT’s development plan will use the property for its highest and best use and will generate the most substantial and sustainable economic impact to the people of the Riverhead community, including numerous quality, high paying jobs.